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Welcome to SnapShot PA Day, October 15, 2012
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On October 15, 2012 academic, public, school, and special libraries across the Commonwealth will capture one day in the life of their libraries through photos, user comments, and data. The resulting photos and data will capture the collective impact that Pennsylvania’s libraries have on their communities on a typical day.

How Does SnapShot PA Day Work?

  • Schedule your SnapShot Day for October 15, or if that isn’t a good date for your library, select another day that week or the week immediately preceding October 15.
  • Let your community and students know that you will be “snapping” a shot of the library’s activities that day.
  • Take photos, collect information and stories, and compile data regarding library usage that day.
  • Upload a selection of your library’s photos and captions to our Flickr group account.
  • Complete a SurveyMonkey survey tailored to your type of library of data that you compiled that day about the number of library visitors, number of classes, number of questions answered, number of programs held, etc.

What Then?

  • Use the photos and information you gathered in your own activities. Mount photos in your library, share the results with your administration, create a video, announce the results in your newsletter, put the results on your website, etc. See the Tips for Librarians tab for easy ways to promote SnapShot PA Day.
  • Share the summary that will be compiled of what took place across the Commonwealth with your users, your community and others.

We Have Resources to Help You

  • Use our Sample News Release Form to get your community involved.
  • Use our Photo Release Form or one provided by your administration if you are a school or college library and need to use a sanctioned form.
  • Use our SnapShot Day in-library survey or adapt ours to gather information and comments from users at your library, if you are permitted to do surveys. Note: Some libraries put the photo release form on the back of the handout to obtain the signature as users complete the survey.